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I went to the box and nothing happened ?

It's true, there is no confirmation when you make it into the box :)

I felt like a cat learning how to jump around the house. :) Which feels like what you were going for. I like knocking things over as progress. A version with more complexity somehow sounds interesting. (momentum? super mario 64-esque special jumps?)

yeah! momentum or special/combo moves are definitely things I think about a lot in this context - maybe in my next game :)

cool game i beat it 


fun little game, there's a feeling like it's hard to predict if a click will make it to the target, but it may kinda be intentional lol. took me sorta a while to get the final jump, but wish there was an animation or something for it

thanks! yes there is a certain challenge to understand the jump logic. more animations would be ideal but didn't make it into the jam!