A puzzle game about blocks that move on their own.


  • arrow keys / wasd to Move
  • z to Undo
  • r to Restart


  • Cover all targets with objects to complete each level
  • Red blocks move into newly vacated neighbor tiles
  • Blue blocks move into newly occupied neighbor tiles
  • Two objects can't move into the same tile at the same time
  • Blocks float

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Thanks to those who playtested the game: builder17, That Scar, Le Slo, jcGyo, JustasD (stormy), knexator, Joel, InternetDirigible, Katelyn Δ, EPGAstudios, Pedro PSI

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorJack Kutilek
Made withPuzzleScript
Tags2D, Pixel Art, PuzzleScript


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These puzzles are amazing!!

Even though I haven't played that many puzzlescript games, I'll still say this is probably my favorite so far. The presentation is amazing, which was really important in helping me grasp the game's rules and interactions.

While I wait for my brain to recongeal, I'd like to offer my  thanks too. For what it's worth, I found level 24 to be the toughest.

Yeah, 24 is probably the hardest one. Glad you enjoyed the game :)

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yup, 24 is the only one I have left to solve and made me hugely appreciative of the level select option! Otherwise I managed to do things more or less chronologically, apart from 36, which succumbed before I'd gotten my head around 35.

Right, I'd say 24, 35 and 36, in that descending order, are the thorniest. They each involve a Sneaky Pete move or two, dependent on the game physics.


Outstanding puzzles! And one of the prettiest puzzlescript games I've played :)

Thanks :)