Ten small jelly puzzles, using only four jellies of two colors (and some black jellies) to explore variety and simplicity in constrained puzzle design.


  • left/right click on a jelly to move it left/right. 
  • Alternatively you can use wasd and the arrow keys to control a cursor - use x or space to select the jelly under the cursor and drag it left or right.
  • z or middle click to undo
  • r to reset

If you haven't played Jelly no Puzzle before, here is a quick overview of the rules:

  • You can slide the colored 'jellies' left or right. Jellies will fall due to gravity.
  • When jellies of the same color are resting adjacent to each other, they will merge. The goal is to merge all jellies of the same color together.
  • Black jellies cannot be merged, and do not need to be merged to complete a level.
  • Jellies can be fixed to a wall, so that they cannot be moved.
  • Jellies can be hidden in the border of a wall, indicated by a colored line on the wall. Moving a matching jelly next to the wall will push the matching jelly away from the wall and reveal the hidden jelly in its place; the jellies are merged in the process.

I assumed the player was familiar with the original when I designed these levels, so the levels themselves don't teach you the rules at a steady pace. But, it shouldn't be too much of a challenge to pick them up as you play.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorJack Kutilek
Made withPuzzleScript
Tags2D, PuzzleScript

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